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Earn high profits up to 70% with WINERY DAO and receive a ton of investing opportunities. The recruitment period just lasts from March to June 2022. Do not hesitate to buy Winery DAO NFT, seize the chance to be a DAO member right now!

Purpose of WINERY DAO


We focus on providing decentralized financial services DeFi that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Our DeFi platform can be used for lending, staking, trading, liquidity mining, issuance, and more.

About Winery DAO



In order to qualify for Winery Dao, you need to purchase CORK tokens


Recruitment period

From March to June 2022


Open schedule

Winery Beta Test March Winery Grand Open Ma


Participation in voting by members

Members of WINERY DAO have the right to participate in voting and must participate in voting

WINERY Finance Project

what is dao

Blockchain supported by the WINERY DeFi ecosystem

Ethereum Network

Polygon network

Binance SmartChain Network

winer difi

Polygon network

Ethereum Network

Binance SmartChain Network

value of dao

The value of WINERY DAO?


We strictly follow the principles of DAO.


We promote the usefulness of Blockchain assets.


We give you an at-a-glance understanding of market trends and trades.


We evaluate projects with concrete data

About Dao

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) 01

Currently, the hot keyword in the virtual asset market is "Decentralized autonomous organization

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What is DAO?02

WINERY DAO is a decentralized platform that is available on the Binance Smart Chain based on the CORK token. It is created with the purpose of building a diverse NFT DeFi ecosystem.

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Understanding DAO03

Members of the DAO have inherent bonds that no one has access to without the group's approval. All activities such as decision

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